Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

I caved and purchased something I never thought I’d purchase in a million years.  My new toy is the Shu Umera eye lash curler.

The box, instructions and what the curlers look like

The only reason I have actually taken the leap to buy this is because instead of the £20.00 price tag usually stamped on these, I managed to nab this for £14.50 (plus P&P) all thanks to Buyapowa.  Buyapowa is a site which sells discounted items...the more people who buy the lower the price goes....simples.  When it comes to the curlers, I stuck it out until the end and got them for £5.50 cheaper.  Yay!  Personally I would never fork out £20.00, so I’m pretty glad I spotted them on the site. 

I have always been sceptical when it came to the award winning much talked about lash curlers.  I have always used drug store or my free pair from the Fabulous/Models Own collaboration.  I would  never dream of spending so much one curlers.

Do you own these . . . do you think they are worth the hype?

Angela xox


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