Monday, 28 January 2013

Denim, Knits and Bling

Friday was pay day for me so I did which most people did and went shopping.  Not food shopping... retail!  Here's what I treated myself to...

Denim shirt £19.99 ~ H & M
Necklace £9.99 ~ H & M
Knitted Jumper £19.99 ~ H & M

I have always dreamed of buying myself a denim shirt and I have had my eye open for the perfect one.  Step forward H & M's offering.  This for a high street purchase is a high quality feel, it's not a cheap cheerful denim... it's thick and feels high quality.  I love the lazy press stud buttons also... a perfect throw on outfit.

As for the jumper, this was tossed on the side somewhere on its own and I felt sorry for it.  I do like a big cuddly jumper.  This also went perfect with my denim shirt!  I'd actually seen Fleur (De Force) wear a denim jumper combo in one of her recent video's.  She looked hot so I thought I might to look hot too.  Plus navy is my favourite colour these days.

Now the necklace... this is bold and gives great detailing to the collar of this outfit which I love.  I thought this was a must have.  Something like this in Topshop would cost tonnes more but H&M have it at a not to be ignored price. Bargain!

So anything take your fancy?

Angela xox


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